What is Targeted Therapy or Immunotherapy

Hello I’m Dr Rajat Bajaj, consultant in medical oncology at Fortis hospital. 

Today the topic that I am going to discuss with you is lung cancer as we all know cancer is a major public health problem not only in India but in the world we have seen in the past few years the number of cases of Cancer are on a steep Hai cancer is a proliferation of abnormal cells of our body it can happen in lot of sites in our body and one of its sides is lungs according to the recent data lung cancer is the most common cancer that is found all over in the world as well as in India lung cancer affects males as compared to females and also lung cancer is the most common cause of Cancer related deaths that is why adequate information about lung cancer is very important if you look into the causes of lung cancer will find out that the most important cause of lung cancer is smoking so Cigarette cigarette Hookah smoking is the one which is mostly implicated for lung cancer the second most common cause is passive smoking what does this mean passive smoking means that a person in a family is smoking the other family members are also at the risk of developing lung cancer that is why my advice will be that if you are smoking then you should leave smoking as soon as possible and this will be beneficial for you as well as for your family the third most common cause of lung cancer is pollution as we know that in the last few years there has been an increase in the pollution in the regions of Delhi and national capital region and wh0 recently gave important data stating that this pollution is responsible for increase in the number of cases of lung cancer if you look into the symptoms of lung cancer symptoms of this disease include prolonged cough breathlessness unintentional weight loss blood in sputum to see symptoms they are exactly the same as you would find in another with prevalent diseases in our country which is Tuberculosis tuberculosis is mostly originating from the lungs that is why in our form in day to day practice we find that many patients who were first diagnosed as pulmonary tuberculosis end up getting diagnosed as lung cancer what this very important leads to is that it delays the diagnosis of lung cancer and delay in the diagnosis means problems in the treatment as well the only important way how can diagnose lung cancer is bye bye see this is the only means how we can differentiate between lung cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis many times in my OPD practice I see that patients have misconceptions about biopsy I would like to Rihanna size that biopsy is very important to diagnose a particular case as a cancer case and biopsy does not lead to increase in proliferation of the cancer cells if you get the stages of lung cancer we have got four stages week early stages of lung cancer that is stage 1 and stage 2 are treated with surgery and after surgery they may have to be treated with other chemotherapy for radiation if you look at the advanced cases of lung cancer in our setup that is in our country we find most of the cases of lung cancer as been in the advance stage the reasons I have already told you that mimics a very important disease which is pulmonary tuberculosis many times patience do not give importance to the symptoms that they have already been having for so many months and as a result unfortunately land up in an advanced days that I can give you as of now in 2019 is that even if lung cancer is diagnosed in an advanced stage we have got a lot of advancements in this field in the last 5 to 6 years as a practicing medical oncologist I can give you a lot of hope in this regard so now we have apart from chemotherapy targeted therapy and immunotherapy that can be offered to the patients for this particular therapy we first have to do certain Genetic test and depending on those Genetic test reports we can offer in the targeted therapy or immunotherapy to the patients I have seen very good results of both these therapies and according to an end visual case if used this will lead to increase in the survival of patients of Advanced lung cancer also I would like to emphasize that prevention is better than cure so if you already been smoking for many years you should quit smoking as soon as possible this will also help your family members lead a happy and healthy life important role of Cancer screening in lung cancer so if a person is a chronic smoker and has been smoking cigarettes for more than 30 years a Lodo CT Scan annually can help us find out if the patient is developing lung cancer this way if it all there is development of Cancer it can be diagnosed in an early stage and can be completely eradicated Agar aapko lung cancer or Boy Advance stage mein hai to aap bilkul niraash na ho aap technique jaise ki targeted therapy aur immunotherapy Se Apna Ilaaj Karva kar is lung cancer ko bahut acche se treat Karva sakte hain. 

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